Sound Opinions Show

Aug 20, 2015

ANNOUNCER COPY: Coming up… Ernie Isley on six-decades of the Isley Brothers. Plus, the art-punk of Titus Andronicus.




Both Hillary Clinton and President Obama have recently shared Spotify playlists that allegedly represent their listening habits. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, however, are dubious that the politicians themselves crafted the mixes, which include songs by Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, The Temptations, and The Isley Brothers. Perhaps this was the work of hip staffers…



Another presidential candidate, Governor Chris Christie, has shared his Desert Island disc. Christie penned a 40th anniversary tribute to Born to Run by fellow New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen. But Greg notes that earlier this year, Christie said he’d pick Bon Jovi over Springsteen in a Jersey artist head-to-head.


Jim and Greg run down the top performers in the Billboard 200 chart. The list features familiar names like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. But, the critics are surprised by the inclusion of others, like Welsh metal band Bullet For My Valentine and a U.S. Post Office-inspired Elvis Presley compilation.


Jim and Greg are joined by Ernie Isley, the legendary guitarist for the Isley Brothers. The Isleys have maintained a remarkable career beginning in the 1950s with their R&B hit “Shout,” before branching into other genres like soul, funk, rock, and disco over the following six decades. Ernie Isley reflects on growing up with Jimi Hendrix in his house, creating his signature guitar tone, and the enduring influence of the Isley Brothers in hip-hop.


The Most Lamentable Tragedy, the fourth album by New Jersey art-punk band Titus Andronicus, is an ambitious double-disc rock opera. The record also includes covers of songs by Daniel Johnston and The Pogues. 


Greg nominates the 1973 song “Ooh La La” by Faces. The Faces helped make singer Rod Stewart a star and are now featured in a new boxset.


At the end of the show we hear comments from listeners.