'So Happy I Could Die': A Conversation With Skylar Gudasz

Feb 19, 2016

Skyar Gudasz has spent the last few years singing, performing, writing songs and appearing on other people's albums.  She was one of the voices of the touring show for Big Star's Third, playing from Barcelona, to Australia, to the Cat's Cradle.  After putting out a handful of singles and EPs, Skylar is releasing her album Oleander.

"I think of it as my first solo record," Gudasz says. "Other things I’ve put out I’ve played with a band."

She says she had been writing songs that didn't quite fit with the rock 'n' roll groups she had been performing with. Then, Chris Stamey of the dBs reached out and insisted they make an album together.

The song "Just Friends" is a true singer-songwriter track, evoking the lovely wistfulness of her heroes Carole King, Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell. 

The tongue-and-cheek song, "I'm So Happy I Could Die" kicks off with a snarling electric guitar. 

"When we play these shows coming up it’s going to be electric driven, and I’m really excited to explore that."

When Gudasz came into WUNC's studios, she played "3,000 Miles" on her guitar. It's written from the perspective of a nervous passenger on a plane.

The lyrics proclaim, "I ain't scared."

“I was scared when I was writing that. I love that duality and the conflict that is evoked in humans. How often do we say the opposite of what it is we’re actually feeling but we’re actually trying to talk us into what makes us comfortable and what can push us.”

Skylar Gudasz is playing at Flyleaf Books tonight at 6:00.  Her debut record Oleander is out now.