‘She Says’ Podcast Sheds Light On Sexual Assault Victim

Jun 20, 2018

WFAE’s She Says is an investigative podcast series that follows the story of a sexual assault survivor in North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County and the long and difficult process of finding justice.
Credit Courtesy of Sarah Delia / WFAE

During the summer of 2015, a Charlotte woman was sexually assaulted by a stranger. She believes she knows who her attacker is, but for the past three years she has struggled to find justice. A year ago, she took her story to WFAE, the NPR affiliate in Charlotte, and they decided to turn her journey into a podcast.


She Says” is an eight-part, investigative series that follows the life of this rape survivor, who uses the pseudonym “Linda.” It traces her story from the day of the incident, to how she was interviewed by detectives handling the case, to the treatment of her DNA evidence.  “She Says” gives listeners a real look at what sexual assault survivors may endure after the assault. Host Frank Stasio talks with podcast host and WFAE crime reporter Sarah Delia about the project.

 "She Says" Trailer