September Is "Try Transit" Month In The Triangle

Sep 5, 2014

Triangle Transit agencies in Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary and Raleigh are participating in a campaign this month to encourage commuters to ride the bus. The organization says leaving your car at home can save you time and money - not to mention the stress of driving in traffic. Some area buses have also upgraded their Wi-Fi to 4G.

September is Try Transit month in the Triangle

"Changing your commute can add an hour to your schedule or you can get work done by using the Internet Wi-Fi that's on some of the buses," said Triangle Transit's Lauren Parker.

Parker says ridership is up slightly for the season, bucking the usual summer slump. There's typically an additional bump in the numbers right around this time as area colleges and schools resume session.

She says the agency uses various tools to measure whether people who try transit actually use it long-term. Advanced website analytics and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are allowing them to better assess what riders need.

You can find out more about Try Transit month at the agency's website