SCOTUS, Tillis, And The Battle For POTUS

Jun 28, 2019

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that political gerrymandering is beyond the reach of federal courts. Is this good news for Democrats or Republicans? Political Junkie Ken Rudin weighs in on what the gerrymandering decision means for North Carolina in particular.

Plus, Republican Sen. Thom Tillis is up for reelection and just received an endorsement from President Donald Trump. Rudin shares insight on the difficult position Tillis is in with conservative Republicans.

Meanwhile in Miami, the Democrats battled it out for the hearts, minds and votes of the American people. Rudin shares his views on having debates this early in election season.

Plus, the crisis at the border was taken to a new level after reports of children going without food and basic necessities like soap and toothpaste. Last night the House approved the Senate’s $4.6 billion aid bill, but progressive Democrats assert that Speaker Nancy Pelosi should have negotiated harder.

The Political Junkie Ken Rudin joins Frank Stasio to talk about the biggest political stories of the week.