Scientists And Artists Explore The Sounds Of Outer Space

Apr 24, 2014

Ed White on the first United States Spacewalk
Credit / Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee

Scientists say in space you cannot hear a sound. But for decades, filmmakers have tried to create the sounds of space. And perhaps they’re onto something. Asheville's Moogfest is hosting a panel "Sounds of Space," that explores both artists and scientists' perspectives on what we can hear in space if we learn to listen. Charles Lindsay, a multimedia artist and the artist in residence at SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute, and Eric McDougall, founder and principal of Black Ink San Francisco, are part of the panel. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with them about how humans have interpreted the sounds of space and what remains to be explored. 

Moogfest's "Sounds of Space" panel takes place on Saturday, April 26th at 11:30 in the Diane Wortham Theatre in Asheville. Click HERE for more information on Moogfest.

Also, search HERE for more information on Charles Lindsay's residency with SETI.

Charles Lindsay's Interactive Sculpture Rocket Brain