School District Proposes 'Jegging' Ban

May 24, 2016

If you’re a girl or woman in the U.S., chances are you have more than a few pairs of "jeggings." These tight, stretchy denim leggings are ubiquitous on high school and college campuses.  But board members of New Hanover County schools are considering banning them.

Board member Jeannette Nichols told WECT the board proposed the policy change because some of the "bigger girls" were getting bullied for wearing jeggings.

The proposed change in the dress code would ban students from wearing jeggings or similar tight-fitting pants unless their tops were long enough to cover their backsides.

The district’s deputy superintendent told CNN New Hanover is trying to "stay ahead of what might be disruptive to the learning environment."

The district sent out a tweet with the change asking students to respond. Respond they did. Here are just a few tweets:

Laney High School junior Amber Ray says jeggings are practically all she wears, and that the proposed policy is unfair.

"I just think they’re mainly targeting the girls and what they’re wearing, because nobody seems to care what the boys wear to school," Ray said in a phone interview.

"I shouldn't have to change what I wear just because boys can't focus," she said.