SBA Visits Raleigh Denim

Sep 28, 2011

The Small Business Administration visited Raleigh to kick-off a new national program to help businesses grow internationally.

Karen Mills is the Administrator for the S-B-A.  She visited "Raleigh Denim" to announce the new State Trade and Export Promotion program.

Karen Mills:  "American manufacturers can still produce world class products, even in textiles."

Mills says the grants can help small businesses with everything from translating their websites to participating in trade missions.
Sarah Lytvinenko, a co-founder of Raleigh Denim says she’s interested in funds to attend international trade shows.

Sarah Lytvinenko:  "All the buyers kind of congregate at different trade shows throughout the year – in places like Paris, and London, and Spain and some in Australia.  And it’s where pretty-much any emerging product in the market is debuted."
North Carolina was awarded more than 600-thousand dollars.  The state will match it by 25-percent.