SAS Lab Helps State And Local Governments

Dec 22, 2010

North Carolina joins other state and local governments in fighting fraud and crime thanks to technology developed at SAS Institute.

Governor Bev Perdue thanked SAS over and over for its expertise in advanced analytics technology.  She says in these tough economic times it saves the government money to be able to improve public safety and reduce fraud.

Perdue says she remembers taking her concerns about Medicaid fraud to SAS:

"But why in the world hadn’t we developed a system in such a way that you could catch them on the front end.  So that when somebody is going in to apply for Medicaid we could spit them right out and say not you buster, not you."

Perdue says now they can. SAS CEO Jim Goodnight says they plan to hire 100 additional technology and government experts to work in its Analytics Lab for State and Local Government.