Rehab Clinic Planned For Soldiers & Veterans

Nov 30, 2012

The Fayetteville VA Medical Center and Womack Army Medical Center are joining forces on a new physical rehabilitation facility. The Community Rehabilitation Clinic will be built with $6.7 million in federal funds for initiatives to share resources between the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs. Fayetteville VA Medical Center Director Elizabeth Goolsby says collaborating with Womack will combine their resources and expertise to provide better care and save money.

Elizabeth Goolsby: "For example, if we have a patient who is an amputee - whether that's from a war effort, or whether that's due to peripheral vascular disease or due to diabetes - we're gonna be able to have on staff there a wider range of expertise in order to help that particular veteran."

Goolsby says the facility will also improve continuity of care by serving both active duty service members and veterans. The location and opening date have yet to be determined.