RDU Reports High Customer Satisfaction In Recent Survey

Jul 31, 2017

The Raleigh-Durham International Airport is reporting a rise in customer satisfaction.
Credit Courtesy of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

Customer satisfaction at Raleigh-Durham International Airport is on the rise, according to the airport’s latest survey. That comes as the airport is also experiencing record traffic. Ninety-nine percent of customers rated the airport as a 4 or 5 on a five-point scale. 

RDU spokesman Andrew Sawyer said airport officials are pleased with the latest results, but are also looking to customers' comments as suggestions for improvement.

“Our customers were saying that WiFi is difficult to connect to, and that it's a little cumbersome. And we don't disagree with that,” Sawyer said. “We're working on it. We have a program underway right now to add more WiFi connectivity throughout the building, more equipment to get people on easier throughout the facility.”

The airport's latest customer survey, conducted by an independent company, showed its highest overall rating in the 10 years since the poll began.

“We've had a lot of changes here at the airport in the past 10 years,” Sawyer said. “So we're really pleased to see that number where it is. However, we don't want to rest there. We want to keep trying to make that as close to a hundred as we can.”

Sawyer said the recurring survey also asks customers to rate many aspects of their experience, and customers reported liking the terminal facilities, restroom cleanliness and signage.

Sawyer said in addition to WiFi connectivity issues, customers gave lower ratings to the airport's baggage claim. He says the airport plans to work with airline staff to improve baggage pickup. RDU also plans to open new restaurants by the end of the year.