Racial Profiling Trial Of Terry Johnson Concludes Friday

Aug 21, 2014

The trial of Terry Johnson's alleged racial profiling is taking place in Winston-Salem.
Credit Jeff Tiberii / WUNC

  The trial of Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson is expected to conclude Friday in federal court. The U.S. Department of Justice brough a lawsuit against the sheriff, accusing him to have profiled Latinos by ordering road-blocks in minority neighborhoods, and for calling on his deputies to arrest and detain Hispanics, without probable cause. He denied those claims Thursday, taking the witness stand in his own defense. Federal prosecutors tried to call Johnson's credibility into question by repeatedly trying to impeach him under cross examination.

Johnson's voice got louder and he appeared frustrated during several instances when a prosecutor pointed out inconsistencies between statements Johnson made during his deposition and at the trial. At one point prosecutors tried to use a secret recording between Johnson and a deputy who had been terminated. However, the defense objected, saying the prosecution had an obligation to turn over the recording sooner. The judge agreed and the recording wasn't allowed. A rebuttal witness and closing arguments will take place on this ninth day of the trial taking place in Winston-Salem. A verdict from Judge Thomas Schroeder could take months.