A Quest To Become ‘Anthony Bourdain With A Banjo’

Aug 16, 2016

Musician Andy Eversole has always wanted to travel the world and make music, and last year an unfortunate incident gave him the push he needed to make a long-time dream a reality.

After his banjo was stolen on a trip to San Francisco, many of his friends came together to raise money to buy him a new instrument. This act of kindness inspired him to use his music to bring other communities of people together and gave him the idea for a new project: Banjo Earth.

Eversole hopes to travel around the world with his banjo and collaborate with a variety of folk musicians. He recently completed the album "Banjo Earth: China" inspired by his first trip.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Andy Eversole about his project, and Eversole performs live in studio.