Producer Laura Pellicer Shares Her Favorite Stories From 2018

Dec 28, 2018

Producer Laura Pellicer shares stories behind her coverage of Hurricane Florence, the toppling of Silent Sam, and other major news events from 2018.
Credit Tammy Jean Lamoureux

It takes a team to research, write and stitch together the many elements of a daily talk show. Laura Pellicer is one of the producers who makes that behind-the-scenes magic happen each day on The State of Things. She joins host Frank Stasio on the other side of the studio glass to share her most memorable interviews and moments on the job in 2018.

They include stories about covering the toppling of the confederate Silent Sam statue; her experience filling in as managing editor during Hurricane Florence; and highlights from some of the inspirational people who opened up about their hurdles and personal challenges during the “Monday Meet Series” conversations. Namely, oncologist and pediatric palliative care specialist Ray Barfield and "Waves To Wisdom" founder and long-time Guilford College professor Maia Dery. 

The full-length interviews featured in Laura Pellicer’s Producer Picks: