Preparing For A New North Carolina Coast

Jun 1, 2015

Geovisualization of potential inundation due to sea level rise in the Albemarle- Pamlico Estuarine System.
Credit East Carolina University (Brent Gore, Matt Carey, Travis Hill and Michelle Covi)

A few weeks ago, the ocean washed away a 200-foot stretch of Highway 12 in Kitty Hawk.

It wasn’t destroyed by a hurricane or a Nor'easter. It was just another storm. Geologists say it is one more example of how life is changing along the North Carolina coast, thanks in part to the rising sea level. 

This month, WUNC aired a three-part series called The Changing Carolina Coast. It looked at how one town is planning to deal with sea-level rise, how sand is becoming a vanishing resource and the future of hurricanes.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Dave DeWitt, WUNC environment reporter, about The Changing Carolina Coast series, which continues through Wednesday on Morning Edition.