Pre-Trial Motions In Case Against Alamance County Sheriff

Jul 2, 2014

Defense attorneys for Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson filed another pre-trial motion this week. The sheriff is accused by the federal government of illegally targeting Latino drivers as well as arresting and detaining people without probable cause. 

Credit Alamance County Sheriff's Office

Alamance County was once part of the national 287(g) program, which gave local law enforcement officers federal powers to assist with deportations. Johnson claims he used legal practices and was searching for actual criminals. This week his defense filed a motion in this federal civil case. It asked a judge to disallow three potential government witnesses who were not named during discovery.

In June a federal judge threw out part of the government's case against Johnson - stating the Sheriff could use roadblocks for general law enforcement purposes. The two sides have tried mediation but a settlement is not expected. The trial is scheduled to begin August 4th.