Political Junkie: Nation Still On High Alert After Mass Shootings. Will Legislation Follow?

Aug 9, 2019

With the nation still in shock and mourning over back-to-back mass shootings in Texas and Ohio last weekend, political leaders are being forced to address gun control. President Donald Trump spent the week speaking out against hate and visiting the impacted areas while also attacking any naysayers on Twitter.

Political Junkie Ken Rudin joins host Frank Stasio to talk about Trump’s press conference on Monday where he condemned racism and bigotry and blamed the violence on mental illness and video games. His trip to Dayton ended with rants on Twitter and protesters in El Paso greeted him with a large white sheet that read, “Racist, go home.”

Rudin looks at the shift in Republican position since the Parkland shooting. Plus, the September debates are approaching and the rules to qualify are strict. The Political Junkie gives us a history lesson in how debate qualification worked in the past.