The Political Junkie: Dems Dropping Out Of 2020, Trump Miffed He Can’t Buy Greenland, And More

Aug 23, 2019

President Donald Trump accused Jewish Americans of being disloyal if they vote for Democrats. The comments evoke the anti-Semitic idea of “dual loyalty” and that Jewish citizens are more loyal to Israel than to their own countries. What kind of impact will this have on the 2020 election?

And so far, four Democratic candidates have dropped out of the race: Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, California Rep. Eric Swalwell, former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. Who else might abandon the race, given the higher bar to get into the next round of Democratic debates in September?

Host Frank Stasio talks to the Political Junkie Ken Rudin about these stories and more, including Trump’s flip-flop on tougher background checks for gun sales and the fact that Greenland is not for sale.