The Political Junkie: Dan Versus Dan, New Legislative Maps And Another Dem Debate

Sep 6, 2019

Two long-awaited special elections in North Carolina are just days away. On Tuesday, Sept. 10 voters will cast ballots in the 3rd and 9th Congressional Districts.

The battle of two Dans in the fraud-tainted 9th district has garnered plenty of national attention. President Donald Trump has been vocal in his support for Republican candidate Dan Bishop through Tweets and robocalls, while Democrat Dan McCready has raised far more money.

The Political Junkie Ken Rudin shares his analysis of the race with host Frank Stasio. Rudin also weighs in on the decision by North Carolina’s Republican legislative leaders not to appeal a recent court decision that deems the state’s legislative maps illegal partisan gerrymanders. What kind of precedent does the three-judge panel’s decision set for other states in the fight against partisan gerrymandering? Plus 10 candidates will squeeze on stage for the next Democratic showdown. How are the presidential hopefuls looking heading into the debate on Sept. 12? Rudin shares his rundown.