Pilot Program Could Mean More Food Trucks On Raleigh Streets

Nov 17, 2015

Raleigh might soon see more food trucks on the streets.  The city council will hear about a pilot program tonight that would allow the trucks to set-up along some curb sides in the city.  Right now they're limited to private property and special events. 

Mary-Ann Baldwin chairs the council's Law and Public Safety Committee which drafted the program.  

"Food trucks really do create community and in areas where there are no restaurants, it serves as a gathering spot for people and a place for folks to, you know, get to know each other," Baldwin says.

She says after tonight's vote, she's hoping to schedule a public hearing for December 1.

"After that public hearing, I'm hopeful that the council will approve this or if there's any changes that we make, you know, make the changes, approve it so we can start working on this for January 1."

Restaurant owners opposed to food truck expansion say they increase competition and contribute to litter on city streets.

Baldwin says the trucks will still be banned from setting up within one-hundred feet of brick-and-mortar restaurants.