A Peek Into H.C. McEntire's Eno River Home And 'Lionheart'

Mar 2, 2018

The new year marks a new chapter for Heather McEntire. The Durham-based singer of Mount Moriah has released her debut solo album. H.C. McEntire's new record is called Lionheart.  She said it's inspired by the American South and a desire to reclaim country music from the hetero-normative, homogenous schtick of tailgates and six-packs and men chasing women.

McEntire said "Quartz In The Valley" is the anchor of the record.  It started as a memo on her phone titled Number 47.  Bikini Kill front woman and riot grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna encouraged McEntire to dig deep when turning out this song. The music video is a walk through McEntire's home near the Eno River.