NYE: Raleigh Welcomes Local Musicians To First Night Stages

Dec 31, 2015

Raleigh drops an acorn to ring in the New Year.
Credit Ke4roh / Wikipedia Creative Commons

Celebrations are scheduled across the state today as the countdown to the New Year looms.

Raleigh's First Night 2016 festivities include the traditional acorn-drop, the People's Procession, and fireworks. 

Cameron Laws works for Artsplosure, which organizes the event.  She says there's also a lot of music planned.

"We have a lot of local talent coming out and we're really excited about harnessing that," she said. 

Seagulls and Towers will be at Vintage Church, and John D. Holeman playing at CAM.

"There's so much to see and I would highly recommend that you download our First Night Raleigh 2016 app where you can read about all of these performances and activities and you can actually plan an itinerary based on what seems interesting to you."

Speaking of music, the Avett Brothers are celebrating the arrival of the New Year in Greensboro. 

Brasstown's Possum Drop is back on this year. In Mount Olive the annual Pickle-Drop marks the beginning of 2016.