North Carolina’s Leaky Educational Pipeline

Mar 5, 2019

More than two thirds of jobs in North Carolina will require some education or training beyond a high school diploma by 2020, but less than half of working age adults in the state have such qualifications.
Credit VIA Agency

Parents across America have long told their children that the surest path to a well-paying job is through education. At one time that meant earning a high school diploma, but today more and more jobs in this country require something more than a high school degree. According to a new report from Carolina Demography, by next year, 67 percent of jobs in North Carolina will require some post-secondary education. Today, less than half of North Carolinians have such qualifications. 

The report "North Carolina’s Leaky Educational Pipeline and Pathways to 60 percent Postsecondary Attainment” analyzes which students are making it to and through college and who is getting left behind. Host Frank Stasio talks about it with Rebecca Tippett, director of Carolina Demography, a part of the Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.