News Roundup: Explosive Growth In NC's Poultry Industry & Another Monument’s Future

Feb 26, 2019

Winston-Salem appears to be moving forward with the removal of a Confederate monument in the city. The statue’s contested ownership is complicating attempts to remove it. The United Daughters of the Confederacy has requested an injunction to prevent the city from moving the Confederate monument. 

A court hearing over the effort to remove the monument is set for March 25. However, this week city workers started their preparations to move the statue. Host Frank Stasio talks to WFDD reporter Keri Brown for the latest.

She also talks about the explosive and unregulated growth in the state’s poultry industry. Since 1997, when a moratorium was placed on new swine operations, the poultry industry has tripled in size, and an unknown quantity of waste has polluted North Carolina rivers as a result.