New State Laws Take Effect Today

Dec 1, 2011

There are more than 30 new laws that take effect today in North Carolina.

People with multiple convictions of driving while impaired will face harsher punishments and higher fines. "Laura's Law" is named after a 17-year-old girl from Gaston County who died after a drunken driver collided with her car last year.

Meanwhile, another law goes into effect today that allows prosecutors to bring separate charges for the death or injury of a fetus. Those charged with murder, manslaughter or assault against a pregnant woman could also be charged with the same offense against the fetus. The law makes clear that it does not apply to legal abortions.

A law designed to crack down on street racing and drivers who try to flee from police also takes effect today. The so-called "Run and You're Done" law would allow authorities to confiscate the offender's car and sell it if the driver is found guilty of trying to elude authorities.