New RTI Center Studies Gender And Imbalances Of Power Globally

Mar 10, 2014

RTI International has created a Global Gender Center to connect exports working to help women and lessen the impact of power-imbalances around the world.
Credit RTI International

RTI International has recently created a Global Gender Center to study and find solutions for imbalances of power against women around the world.

Wendee Wechsberg directs the new organization and is doing field work in South Africa. She said many universities have researchers who study individual communities but the Global Gender Center will work to connect those experts. Priority issues include HIV, domestic violence and economic development.

'What I'm trying to create is a network so people know each other.' - Wendee Wechsberg

"Some people work in education. Some people work in justice and empowerment, have set up rape crisis centers in different countries," Wechsberg said. "So that they've already done different kinds of interventions, but never enough. Many people have been siloed. And what I'm trying to create is a network so people know each other."

Wechsberg said she hopes to organize an international conference where experts in gender-imbalance issues can share ideas.