New Podcast Explores Politics, Community And Storytelling Through The Music Of The Mountain Goats

Nov 30, 2017

Writer Joseph Fink is a big fan of the Durham-based band The Mountain Goats. Fink is the co-creator of hit podcasts like “Welcome to Night Vale” and “Alice Isn’t Dead” and says The Mountain Goats influences his creative process. For his new podcast, Fink wanted to explore the stories behind The Mountain Goats’ music, so he invited bandleader John Darnielle to dissect songs one at a time.

The podcast is called “I Only Listen to The Mountain Goats.” It is currently in its first season, in which Fink and Darnielle discuss The Mountain Goats album “All Hail West Texas.”

Host Frank Stasio talks with Joseph Fink, creator of the podcast, and The Mountain Goats bandleader John Darnielle about the album.