New Novel Explores A Bleak Version Of America’s Future

Sep 4, 2018

What the United States looks like in Jacqui Castle's new novel, 'The Seclusion.'
Credit Jacqui Castle / Inkshares

What if the United States built walls along its borders with Mexico and Canada? That is the premise of a new, young adult dystopian novel that imagines what an isolationist United States would look like in the year 2090. 

Western North Carolina-based freelance writer and journalist Jacqui Castle was looking for a way to get start writing fiction, so she turned to current events for inspiration. Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall became Castle’s jumping-off point for her book “The Seclusion” (Inkshares/2018).

The novel centers on two scientists who discover hidden contraband literature that makes them question what the government says about its history and outsiders. Host Frank Stasio talks to Castle about her transition from journalism to fiction. Castle will be at Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe in Asheville on Tuesday, Sept. 4.