New Look For The Carolina Hurricanes

Jun 4, 2013

Eric Staal in the Carolina Hurricanes' new uniform.
Credit Carolina Hurricanes

The Carolina Hurricanes have spent 15 years in the same uniform, but next season that all changes. Today the PNC arena, the team unveiled a new design for its home and road dress. While the signature red and white colors and the identifying logo remain the same, the style is cleaner and more modern.

In a news conference, vice president of marketing Doug Warf explained the new uniforms are the result of a two-year process. He showed a video of the new uniform design. Changes include doing away with the shoulder pads, shrinking the logo slightly, updating the font, and adjustments to the stripes.“

We wanted to change the look without changing the brand that has been built up over 15 years,” Warf explained.

When asked his thoughts about the new uniform, ‘Canes captain Eric Staal said he thought it looked sharp.

“It’s comfortable to wear,” Staal said. “I had to model it, do a runway walk in front of the fellows, so that was enjoyable. I’m looking forward to wearing it in the fall.”

Warf said the uniforms will be on sale to the general public in early September.