NetApp Plans Expansion in RTP

Jul 24, 2012

A data storage and development company in Research Triangle Park plans a major workforce expansion. 

Gurnal Scott: Governor Bev Pergue couldn't be happier about what NetApp is setting out to do.

Bev Perdue: Creating 460 new jobs and investing 75 million dollars for the next four years right here.

NetApp has a reputation nationally as one of the best places to work. Senior Vice President Denise Cox says that's mostly because they attract people motivated to succeed

Denise Cox: The important thing to realize when you talk about a great place to work is that it's a great place to work. It's not a great place to hang out. So the better you make the environment, the harder people work.

It also helps that the new jobs being offered pa on average 100 thousand dollars. NetApp also plans to work with Wake Tech Community College to train new workers as they expand.