N.C.'s 12 Largest School Districts Want To Delay New Reading Assessment Tool

Jun 27, 2019

In a letter to the State Board of Education, district superintendents say they need more time to train educators to use the new iStation program before using it to assess K-3 readers.

Back in April, State School Superintendent Mark Johnson announced the switch to a new K-through-3 reading assessment tool. Since 2013, the state has used the mClass tool which is created by Amplify.

The new tool created by Texas-based iStation is a web-based program. Some teachers have vocalized fear that the program doesn't fit the needs of K-3 readers, or of the state to assess reader's weaknesses.

Schools in the state are supposed to start using the program in July.

On June 28, the State Board of Education is set to discuss the web-based assessment tool and how to implement it in a conference call.