NCDOT Weighs Plans For Ramps On U.S. 70

Apr 13, 2017

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is taking public comment on a plan to overhaul two busy intersections on U.S. 70.

Up to 59,400 cars travel the roadway daily, according to Project Planning Engineer Zahid Baloch. Stop lights at T. W. Alexander Drive and Brier Creek contribute to congestion, especially as cars enter from Interstate 540.

The Regional Transportation Alliance represents the business community on transportation issues. Executive Director Joe Milazzo said replacing the stoplight intersections with flowing ramp and bridge interchanges would allow vehicle and foot-traffic to run more smoothly.

"Right now, when you don't have a bridge, everybody comes at that one intersection," Milazzo said. "You've got to take turns for every one. And it's a challenging experience to cross the street. If you can get some of the traffic out of the way, and separate it on two levels, so to speak, it's a little bit easier."

The interchange proposal is part of a larger plan to create a freeway route parallel to Interstate 40. Public comment is open until May 8th.