NCDOT Wants To Know About That Pothole

Mar 23, 2015

NCDOT is asking residents of Central North Carolina to report potholes for repair.
Credit NCDOT

State road crews are working to repair potholes that were caused by another icy winter. The North Carolina Department of Transportation is asking residents to report potholes so they can be repaired quickly.

NCDOT spokesman Steve Abbott says potholes are bad for vehicles, threatening tires and alignment, and they make for dangerous driving conditions.

“You could hit a pothole and lose control of your vehicle, send you into another vehicle, send you off the road. You could try to swerve if you come across a pothole, lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident as well.”

Abbott says this is the second icy winter in a row, causing severe road damage. He says $14 million of last year's $22 million pothole expenses went to post-winter road repairs.

“So, it is expensive, but it is a necessary expense. Because our number one goal is keeping the roads safe, and a road full of potholes is not a safe road.”

Abbott says temporary cold-weather patches are going in now, and there will be permanent fixes when the weather warms up.

Residents can report potholes online or by calling 1-877-368-4968. Abbott asks that spotters offer a cross street when reporting a pothole’s location.