NC Takes Obesity Battle One Step At A Time

Jan 24, 2013

Doctors in North Carolina roll out a long-term plan today to reverse the rise of the state's obesity rate.  The proposal recommends thousands of behavioral and policy changes for the next seven years.  The recommendations range from limiting time in front of the television to adding funds for hiring health coordinators at every school district.  Doctor Carolyn Dunn is a professor at N.C. State and lead writer of the plan.  She says the strategy to reduce obesity is shifting from broad reform to one policy change at a time.

"We have some global things going on in the state and nation, absolutely, but we can't wait for this global initiative to move this forward.  It has to be, what can my organization do?  What can my not-for-profit do?  What can my university do?  What can my family do?  And what can I do as an individual to make those small changes."

Dunn says the recommendations are based on proven weight loss methods.  Two-thirds of adults in North Carolina are overweight or obese.