NC State Stakes Claim of Wolfpack Mascot

Mar 28, 2011

Wolfpack mascot

N.C. State and Loyola University are discussing legal issues related to their common use of the Wolfpack mascot. Both schools have used the mascot since the early 20th century, but N.C. State registered a trademark in 1983.

N.C. State attorney Shawn Troxler sent a letter to Loyola officials last month, informing them of the university's rights to the mascot. He says the use of the name could be confusing when used for marketing purposes:

"It's our mission that whenever someone speaks or says the term "Wolfpack" that they automatically think of N.C. State. And we just are well within our rights to try to, I guess, make sure that we don't lose those rights and that distinctiveness in our mark."

N.C. State had a similar dispute with the University of Nevada Wolf Pack in 2008. Nevada officials changed their sports logo and now use the Wolfpack nickname as two words rather than one. Troxler says he is still discussing ways to settle the issue with Loyola.