NC National Guard Tries To Make Up For Lost Drills During Shutdown

Oct 31, 2013

The NC National Guard responds to New York after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
Credit The National Guard / Flickr Creative Commons

More than a hundred North Carolina Air and Army National Guard units are trying to reschedule training time they missed during the government shutdown. 

That amounts to about 6,400 troops who could not conduct three weekend drills earlier this month.  Maj. Matthew Devivo says a short lapse in funding was enough to make conducting drills impossible.

"That's operational funds.  That's maintenance funds.  We couldn't move equipment to do training and we couldn't feed the soldiers who would come to drill," Devivo says.

"We just couldn't operate on a normal drill schedule, but we're going to make all of that up this year. They will have the resources available to find additional training days.  It's up to that unit.  They will do what's best for them and not compromise any critical training, but there should be plenty of opportunities to reschedule that training."

Devivo says Guard members also did not get three checks they would have received after those canceled drills.