N.C. Congressmen Take Sides On Immigration Debate

Jul 8, 2013

Credit U.S. House of Representatives

Some North Carolina members of the U.S. House are taking sides as their chamber gets ready to take up immigration reform this week.   Many House Republicans on Capitol Hill disagree with the comprehensive reform plan passed by the Senate.

GOP Congressman George Holding of Raleigh says the bill doesn't go far enough to protect the border today.  He also says he doesn't think it will be effective moving forward.

"I don't think it will prevent illegal immigration in the future and those are things we absolutely have to do in order to have a successful immigration policy and law," Holding says.

Democratic Congressman David Price of Chapel Hill says the Senate bill is not perfect but it could provide a path to citizenship for many in this country illegally.  He says it could also help contribute to the country's financial well being.

"Those folks are going to pay taxes," Price says.   "Those folks are going to spend money on the necessities of life to support their families, so of course it's a net plus for the country economically."

House Republicans plan to meet this week to decide how to approach the Senate bill.