N.C. Bill Keeps Teachers’ Group From Collecting Dues Via Paychecks

Jan 29, 2015

North Carolina's Republican lawmakers are trying once more to prevent employees’ associations from collecting their members’ dues via payroll deductions.

Credit Sarah-Jl / Flickr/Creative Commons

A bill filed this week would largely affect groups that represent state workers and teachers, like the State Employees Association Of North Carolina and the North Carolina Association of Educators.

"It's inappropriate for the state to be in the position of collecting dues or other funds for private organizations in the state," said Republican Senator Ralph Hise, who's sponsoring the bill. 

Hise and other Republicans passed a similar bill a few years ago, but a state judge struck it down because it targeted just the North Carolina Association of Educators. Many argued the move was politically motivated and would've cut back the group's revenue stream.

Hise said the new bill does not discriminate, and that it would also eliminate PAC contributions from being collected through state payroll. 

Lawmakers filed several other education-related bills this week, including one that would give school districts more flexibility over school calendars. Democratic legislators also introduced a bill to restore the teaching fellows program, which the Republican-controlled legislature eliminated funding for in 2012.