NC Attorney General Targets Vape Companies In New Lawsuits

Aug 29, 2019

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announced lawsuits against eight electronic cigarette companies earlier this week. He alleges that their marketing practices and flavor selection specifically target kids and teens.

The effect of vaping on public health is largely unknown, though it is generally accepted that vaping is not healthy. In North Carolina, at least three people have been hospitalized since July for potentially vape-related illnesses. The nicotine content in some e-cigarettes, like Juul, exceeds that of tobacco cigarettes, and other chemical compounds found in vape may cause health complications. Attorney General Stein is quick to point out that the goal of the lawsuits is not to end vaping in North Carolina but to end the marketing to minors. WUNC reporter Jason deBruyn joins host Frank Stasio to talk about the lawsuits and the tobacco and vape industries in North Carolina.