Navy, Marines Tighten Social Media Policy

Apr 20, 2017

It’s now a crime for sailors or Marines to post nude photos of service members without their consent.

The measure is the Navy’s latest response to a scandal involving a private Facebook group used by male Marines and veterans.

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Capt. Ryan Alvis, a Marine Corps spokeswoman, noted that the Corps had revised its social media policy last month. That was aimed at making it easier to punish those who post harmful content.

“This is in addition to that, making it clear that, under certain circumstances, a non-consensual sharing of intimate photos can be punishable as a violation of a lawful general order,” Alvis said. “So it’s just adding one more clear guidance  that we can hold you accountable for this sort of behavior.”

Among other conditions sharing such photos is now illegal if it’s intended to humiliate, harass or threaten someone in them.

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