National Homeless Initative Comes to Triangle

Jan 25, 2012

Teams of volunteers are out on the streets and at campsites across Wake and Orange Counties this week, surveying the homeless population. It's part of a national effort to house 100-thousand people who are homeless by the middle of next year. The United Way's Chantelle Fisher-Borne is the coordinator of Triangle Registry Week.

Chantelle Fisher-Borne: The crux of the 100 Thousand Homes campaign is identifying our most medically vulnerable homeless people - those who are most likely to die on the streets. And the first step in the model is to do a registry week, which gives you a by-name, by-picture list or registry of your homeless community, of homeless individuals in your community, so we can better understand their needs and get them into housing and services.

Fisher-Borne says based on past data, they believe there are about 150 medically vulnerable homeless people in Wake and Orange Counties. A coalition of local groups is working to match all of them with appropriate housing.