"Naked DJ": Meet Jo Maeder

Jun 6, 2016

Since she was a little girl, Jo Maeder has loved radio. Her fascination became a career path and Jo became "The Madame," a popular deejay on several major rock and roll stations in Miami and New York.

"Naked DJ" is Jo Maeder's most recent book.
Credit jomaeder.com

But she found a new passion that became a career: writing. Maeder wrote the bestselling memoir, “When I Married My Mother,” (Vivant Press/2013). The book centered on her relationship with her ailing mother and her transition to living in the South.

Her latest book is a novel, “Naked DJ” (Vivant Press/2016). Host Frank Stasio talks with Jo Maeder about her life and work. She reads Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Scuppernong Books in Greensboro.