NAACP Convention Welcomes "Moral Monday Arrestees"

Oct 9, 2013

Dale Herman is one of the more than 900 people arrested during "Moral Monday" demonstrations earlier this year.
Credit Leoneda Inge

The people who were arrested at the Moral Monday protests at the state legislature will be recognized Thursday at the annual NAACP state convention.

More than 900 people were arrested during the Moral Monday protests against Republican policy in Raleigh.  One of them was Gann Herman.

“We are part of a growing coalition.  We come from a lot of different organizations and churches," said Gann Herman.

Her husband Dale Herman was also arrested.  He only demonstrated in anti-war demonstrations before this.

“The next step for me was to participate in this protest.  And as soon as there are more rallies, I will participate in those as well," said 70-year-old Dale Herman. "There are a lot of people who cannot do that for one reason of another, or feel they cannot.  But I'm retired, I'm not looking for another job and so it's not going to affect employment opportunities for me.  I felt like I really needed to make a statement."

Dale Herman said he is most upset about Gov. Pat McCrory and the Republican legislature's refusal to expand Medicaid.  He and his wife have decided to fight their "Moral Monday" arrests in court.

Meanwhile, Dale Herman is headed to Rocky Mount for the 70th Annual North Carolina NAACP State Convention, his first NAACP convention.  Today’s plenary session includes “Organizing Moral Monday Arrestees for Mobilization and Voter Registration.” 

The convention wraps up Saturday night with an awards banquet featuring Bernice Johnson Reagon, founder of "Sweet in the Rock."