NAACP, Advocacy Organizations Challenge Voter ID Bill In Lawsuit

Aug 13, 2013

NC NAACP leaders spoke to crowds of protesters at the capitol this spring as a part of Moral Mondays rallies.
Credit Matthew Lenard

Several advocacy organizations have filed suit against the state of North Carolina after Governor Pat McCrory signed broad-based voting reform.  Earlier today, leaders with the NAACP spoke out against the law. Reverend William Barber said it unfairly targets African-American voters.

“This anti voting rights bill trampled on the blood of our martyrs.  Desecrates the graves of freedom fighters,” Barber said. “And in the 21st century lines up with extreme racially driven philosophy of of inter-position and nullification promoted by past political figures like George Wallace and Strom Thurmond.”

The ACLU and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice also filed a lawsuit.McCrory said the law will help bring integrity to elections.