[Multimedia] Outspoken: The State of Teaching in North Carolina

Jun 12, 2014

For the past several months, WUNC has been working on a new multimedia project on the state of teaching. A sort of "End-Of-The-School Year" report on education in the state. That report, "Outspoken: The State of Teaching in North Carolina" is out today. 

In it, teachers tell stories that show the complexity of their jobs. Like Chris Reagan, who has had to prepare middle schoolers for both standardized tests... and how to go on a date:

The report then looks deeper at some of the issues teachers deal with on bigger scale. Using statewide data, we look at where teachers are most likely to leave their jobs for one reason or another. And we talk with several educators about the topic on everybody's mind: compensation.

With the state legislature actively debating how to fairly compensate teachers, and how to adequately evaluate their performance, it's important to hear from the teachers themselves. In "Outspoken," we put these perspectives in context, to help set the stage for what things might look like come next school year.

Have a look at the full project