Movies On The Radio: Ladies Who Lead

Feb 22, 2018

Leia was a princess, but she also knew how to use a blaster. (Star Wars, 1977)

Enough with the damsels in distress. For the next installment of Movies On The Radio, we're looking for ladies who pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a woman on the big screen. We're talking smart, strong, three-dimensional characters who can save themselves, thank you very much.

Last year, audiences flocked to see a new Wonder Woman film that attempted to put women where they belong - front and center. But the lineage of powerful women in film goes far beyond the modern era to a time when including such characters was even more controversial. Ellen Ripley stood up to the Xenomorphs, Hermione was the top of her class and Ursula's cunning changed the life of a certain mermaid.

What are your favorite movies with strong female characters? We want to hear from you! Send your picks to or tweet us with #SOTmovie for a chance to be on the show. Our film experts Laura Boyes, film curator for the NC Art Museum, and Marsha Gordon, film professor at North Carolina State University will join us to discuss your picks along with their own favorites.