Movies On The Radio: Best Buddy Films

Jul 20, 2017

Best friends are the constant in many people's lives. They rescue each other when a car breaks down. They join go on late-night quests for fast food. And they console and support each other in a time of need. The relationships of best friends have been fodder for movie plot lines for decades and exist in all genres. This month’s Movies On The Radio episode looks at favorite buddy films ranging from romantic comedies like “Some Like It Hot” to dramas like “Beaches,” and science fiction flicks like “A Boy and His Dog.” Host Frank Stasio talks with Laura Boyes, film curator at the North Carolina Museum of Art, and Marsha Gordon, film professor at North Carolina State University.

Here are some of our listener's favorite 'best buddy' scenes:

The 1982 film "Diner": 

The 1989 film "Steel Magnolias": 

Note: This show is a rebroadcast. This show originally aired in April of 2016