More NC Counties Pass Resolutions Supporting 2nd Amendment Rights

Jan 23, 2020

Credit wp paarz / Flickr - Creative Commons -

A growing number of counties across North Carolina have passed resolutions in recent weeks declaring their support for Second Amendment rights.

At least 19 counties have passed similar resolutions, including 14 this month, according to various news outlets and government documents. Most counties taking this action are concentrated in the western part of the state.

The text of the resolutions varies from county to county, but generally express opposition to any restriction on constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.

Surry County Commission Chairman Larry Johnson explained it's a precautionary measure.

“We will certainly support the constitution of the United States and the state of North Carolina and all the laws, but we will take a stand and oppose any efforts that would restrict these rights,” Johnson said.

At least nine more counties are slated to consider their own resolutions in the coming weeks.

Pender County considered such a resolution last April, but it was tabled indefinitely.

The North Carolina Association of County Commissioners said it has not heard from its constituents about taking this issue to the state level, but instead sees it as a county-by-county issue.

This wave of preemptive resolutions in North Carolina comes while Virginia's state Legislature is considering gun regulations.

Last week, about 50 state House Republicans signed a letter expressing solidarity for leaders in Virginia cities and counties who have declared their jurisdictions “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”