More Alamance County Domestic Violence Victims Are Getting Protective Orders

Dec 24, 2013


A new electronic system allowing domestic violence victims to obtain protective orders quickly is already a success in Alamance County. It's the only system of its kind in the state.

Previously, victims had to visit numerous locations in the process of obtaining protective orders. Cindy Brady is the director of the Family Justice Center of Alamance County.

"There were occasions where the victim was stalked by their abuser as they moved from place to place. Anecdotally we know that a third of the people who initiated an order here did not follow through or finish the process," says Brady.

But now, victims can go to the Family Justice Center, where they finish everything through electronic messaging and videoconferencing with everyone from victims' advocates to judges to the sheriff's department.

The system started in June. Brady says now only about 5 percent of victims fail to finish the process of getting protective orders.