Miss North Carolina Museum Exhibit Opens

Jun 23, 2012

The 75th Miss North Carolina will be crowned Saturday. And part of the anniversary bash includes a new exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of History.

Asma Khalid: The exhibit offers a rare glimpse into the pageant's history. It includes evening gowns and swimsuits, of course. But Jennifer Vaden-Barth says the exhibit is more than glitz and glamor. She says it shows folks the pageant is still important today, by focusing on service and talent.

Jennifer Vaden-Barth: Talent is still relevant, look at what you see on television these days - we've got "American Idol," you've got "So You Think You Can Dance," you've got "The Voice." We're still doing that. And, it's still a southern tradition to kind of have this woman, but she's not just a beauty queen, she's a role model now."

Vaden-Barth captured the Miss North Carolina crown in 1991 and she's helping organize this collection. The exhibit runs through Thanksgiving weekend.